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Bild von Felix Klein

Felix Klein (1849-1925) was a pioneer of an occupational teacher training. Today, the faculty offers the subject combination mathematics and computer science as well as many other two-subject combinations including mathematics or computer science.

Faculty council (from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021)

The faculty council is the decison making body of the faculty. It mainly deals with strategic decisions such as the faculty development plan, financial matters or regulations for degree programs.

Members of the faculty council

Professors:   Dorothea Bahns, Carsten Damm, Tatyana Krivobokova, Russell Luke, Gerlind Plonka-Hoch, Delphine Reinhardt, Ingo Witt
Substitution:   Brüdern, Halverscheid (for Bahns, Witt), Sporleder, Hohage, Yahyapour, Wardetzky (for Damm, Luke, Plonka-Hoch, Reinhardt),   Sturm (for Krivobokova)

Research assistents:   Christoff Krüger, Patrick Harms
Substitution:   Hanna Knirsch (for Krüger), Hang Zhang (for Harms)

Students:   Lorenz Glißmann, Jannes Rösener (For one year)
Substitution:   Felix Spühler, Janina Schmidt (For one year)

Technology and administration staff:   Hartje Kriete, Gunnar Krull
Substitution:   Claudia Oppermann (for Kriete), Udo Burghardt (for Krull)

The members of the dean's office Grabowski, Huckemann, and Waack are members of the faculty council without the right to vote. Luke is a member having the right to vote.

Decisions regarding financial planning are made in consultation with the responsible budget commission for mathematics or computer science. Decisions regarding academic programs are made in consultation with the responsible study commission for mathematics or computer science.